Hacknowledge launches Luxembourg office

Hacknowledge Launches Luxembourg Subsidiary

Luxembourg, Luxembourg – Sept. 05, 2018 – Hacknowledge, a leader in providing advanced cybersecurity and network monitoring solution in Switzerland, today announced the launch of its Luxembourg subsidiary.

Founded in Switzerland, Hacknowledge quickly became a leader in the Managed Detection and Response Services space. The strength of Hacknowledge is to be independent from any vendor which makes it accessible to small and medium businesses as well as multi-national organizations. Its innovative approach simplifies the complexity of cybersecurity threat detection and response through its unique blend of managed SIEM, honeypots, vulnerability scanning and much more… This gives Hacknowledge the ability to help organizations of any size and sector detect threats and react accordingly, even with limited security staff or budget.

With a successful track record and double-digit growth in Switzerland since its inception, Hacknowledge is now ready to bring its solution to Luxembourg.

“Hacknowledge is thrilled to launch our activity in Luxembourg – with a local team and offices at the LHoFT – and showcase our capabilities in cybersecurity,” says Paul Such, founder of Hacknowledge. “We fortify your logs with strong indicators of compromise generated by our custom sensors. These sensors give our engineers the visibility needed to assess network anomalies, track trends and detect threats. Each alert is validated and analyzed by our security experts before being sent to you, allowing your company to focus on your business.”

About Hacknowledge

Hacknowledge offers a security monitoring solution that helps clients detect and respond to security breaches. Its service is built on experience and intelligence gained from more than a decade of penetration test and mitigating advanced threats. Hacknowledge unique solution is fully developed in-house by its Swiss development team which makes it accessible in terms of budget, reactivity and offer to any type of company, ranging from SME to large organizations.

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