Junior Security Engineer


Hacknowledge is looking for a junior engineer to join its team! If you are a young software or infrastructure engineer who dreams security or a young security engineer who likes to automate things: please read on!
Our goal is to prevent silos between engineering and security as well as keeping your job entertaining and challenging. As such, people are working on the two aspects of our business: the same people are working as security engineers/analysts and maintaining our infrastructure or developing on our tools. This also has the benefit of being users/builder and as such reduce improvement cycles 🙂


You are just graduated from school, out of an internship or with one year of experience as a security engineer. You have troubleshooting skills and are an avid learner. You can adapt and work autonomously but still be a team player.
  • Customer facing experience a plus
  • BS or equivalent education background
  • Swiss residency or EU citizen willing to relocate

Technical Skills:

  • Security knowledge
  • Scripting (python3, bash, …)
  • Modern Linux administration (configuration/automation solutions that have the potential to scale)
  • Knowledge of Linux and Windows operating systems
  • Knowledge in networking
  • Fluent in English (oral, written), French a big asset

Reasons to apply:

  • you like the challenges provided by working in a dynamic security company
  • you have a passion for what you do and want to learn more
  • you want to automate tasks so you can spend more time on challenging tasks

Reason NOT to apply:

  • you rely on commercial security solutions and don’t want to put your hands in the engine
  • you need supervised work and well-established procedures before taking decisions