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Monitor. Detect. Respond.

HACKNOWLEDGE is a vendor neutral cyber-security company. We monitor your infrastructure 24×7 and our expert security engineers detect and respond to threats using our cutting-edge VISION Cyber ManagementTM solution. We are an extension of your team. We also offer various other security services.

Your Requirement

To continuously protect your systems from unwanted intrusions

Your Problem

Too many choices; lack of expertise; complex solutions; too expensive; lack of time & visibility

Your Solution

VISIONTM – your all-inclusive Swiss-made security monitoring solution

Hacknowledge Services


Security monitoring and sensing technology for significantly less than the cost of in-house staffing and 3rd party solution fees


Analysis of activities across your IT assets, reducing thousands of false positive events to just a few high probability alerts


Immediate alerts when threats are detected and confirmed with professional advice to remediate the intrusion

Did you know that the average number of days it takes for an organization to discover a breach is: 100+ days

An all-inclusive, fully integrated Hacknowledge proprietary solution with world-class event monitoring at its core.

Vision Cyber ManagementTM

a HACKNOWLEDGE Cutting-Edge Solution

Hacknowledge Technology


Hacknowledge IDS analysis with threat intelligence. Our security team continuously updates the IDS solution with the latest threat intelligence, protecting your network from emerging threats.


The SIEM collects, normalizes, and correlates your logs to help you effectively detect and respond to emerging threats. We apply threat intelligence, expert rules, workflows, and proprietary processes to drive investigation.

Sandboxing + File Analysis

Our Sandboxing and File Analysis technology will help you detect malicious content that threatens your network. These threats can be from any source including online file sharing, portable file storage devices, and files from outside your network.


Our custom sensors are developed to provide visibility to your network. They are scalable and as many sensors required can be added in order to provide a holistic view of your network in real time. Our custom sensors also bring in security features such as IDS, vulnerability scanning, honeypot, file analysis, and more.

Threat Intelligence

Armed with intelligence about how, why and by whom you are being targeted, your team can better mitigate threats and build a proactive defense strategy. Hacknowledge monitors specific websites 24/7 to gather intelligence and information about potential attacks.

Vulnerability Scan

Hacknowledge offers vulnerability scanning to help you gain insight into your network security risks, then provide professional advice to help you with remediation efforts. Our sensors can run vulnerability scans that will help prepare your threat reports and tune the IDS.

Client Industries

Our clients span across many different industries, including: public sector, health care, global organizations, sports, oil and gas, financial services, banking, luxury goods, insurance, gaming, and many more. Due to the sensitive nature of our services, many of our clients prefer not to be publicly listed. Further details are available upon request.