Frequently Asked Questions

Hacknowledge is a vendor neutral cyber security company based in Switzerland and Luxembourg.

We offer different services ;

Managed detection response (VISION) : our Swiss-made security monitoring solution that aims at helping you identify and remove those IT security threats while leveraging your existing security solutions

Consulting for Cybersecurity monitoring : Splunk and Sentinel


Penetration test

We do not pretend to make you hack-proof but our solution will definitely help you reduce your risk exposure and comply with laws and regulations through improved diligence

Hacknowledge is usually quick and easy to implement (from a few days to a few weeks).

We will start by looking at your existing logs and security devices and we will decide together :

  • where to setup our sensors
  • how many sensors you need
  • what (interesting) existing logs you already have
  • type of alerts you want
  • content of reports

The price will depend on the following criteria :

  • Volume of logs (EPS)
  • Number of sensors
  • SLA/Alerting (8×5 or 24×7)
  • options

There will be a one-time setup fee (CAPEX) + a flat-commitment yearly fee (OPEX) including everything (managed service, maintenance, alerts, updates, reports…)

Please contact us for a quote

We can collect logs from virtually any platform

Our collectors can read : syslog, flat-files, email,…

This includes, among others :

  • Operating systems : Windows, Linux, Sun,..
  • Security devices : Firewall, Proxies, Sandboxing solutions, IPS,…
  • Endpoint solutions : Antivirus, HIPS
  • Network equipments : Switches, routers,..

We can use :

  • our custom tailored SIEM
  • Splunk
  • Microsoft Sentinel

Our sensors will not block any traffic as they are mainly passive

Our sensors are :

  • Collecting logs
  • Monitoring your network trafic (through a port span or tap)
  • Listening to specific network requests

Hacknowledge is a Swiss company with a subsidiary in Luxembourg

Our datacenter and office are in Switzerland (Lausanne Region) + Luxembourg

Your data will stay in Switzerland or Luxembourg

Feel free to contact us if you would like to pay us a visit.

Yes.  We offer both options.

We do not need to connect to the sensors.  The sensors will reach Hacknowledge using 2 specific ports.  We are able to use any exiting proxy you may have.


Contrary to other SOC vendors, we do not need all your logs.

This is however something we can propose (if you need to outsource/export your logs for compliance reason).

Our sensors will filter the logs that can be interesting to identify a security breach.

YES and NO.

YES : we could be used as SIEM (if you want to send us all your logs)

NO : However, we are much more than just a SIEM, we are a full managed service, we can work in conjunction with your existing SIEM.

Yes, of course, we will provide you with professional advice to help you mitigate the threat.

See our CSIRT incidence response team