Hacknowledge engineers ranking 7th at SOCX

Last night our team participated to the first edition of the SOCX (professional soc team world championship) challenge and we are so proud of their result . They rank in the top10 (among 50 teams worldwide). Congratulation to the team and to the organisers.

See you next year.

Link : https://www.socx.io

“SOC X™ is not a game or trivia challenge. It is a pure test of a professional team’s ability to detect, investigate, and remediate a hyper-realistic APT level attack on a live-fire enterprise network.

SOC X is not just another local Blue Team competition. It is the Security Operations World Championship bringing together the best professional SOC and IR teams globally.

SOC X is not sponsored by a tool vendor to promote expensive software licenses. It is a demonstration that teams are more important than tools.

SOC X is not an individual competition. It is a test of professionals in the team sport of digital forensics and incident response.”

SOCX – Recon Infosec