Stronger Together : We are now a Technology Alliance Partner (TAP) and Professional Services Qualified of Splunk

We are proud to announce that Hacknowledge is now an official partner of Splunk.

Our goal is to be able to offer the same quality of service for customers using Splunk.

The new Analytics Division of Hacknowledge has recently been awarded by three Splunk Certified Consultants and many Splunk accreditations, such as Accredited Splunk Enterprise Security Implementation, Splunk Professional Services Qualified and much more.

This status and our Splunk developments enable us to offer advanced and premium services and solutions for any size of clients.

Through Splunk partnership, we are able to provide area business with :

  • Integration of the entire Hacknowledge SOC services with Splunk
  • Design, Architecting and Implementation of Splunk Validated Infrastructure of any size, clustered or not
  • Development of custom Apps and Add-ons
  • Advanced custom Dashboards
  • Implementation of Splunk Enterprise Security
  • Audit of existing Splunk Infrastructure
  • Documentations, Workflows, Schema for Splunk infrastructure
  • Professional Services on all Splunk topics

We are proud to be Splunk partners and to be able to offer to our customers our SOC services based on Splunk.

Our Splunkers offer the best possible services and expertise to reach the security and business goals faster with a leader market SIEM.
Thanks to the entire Hacknowledge high level Engineers, making this new adventure possible, we are able to build Splunk products and offers to meet the needs of all companies.

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Deniz Mutlu / About the author

Head of Analytics division – Splunk Certified Consultant & Architect. Passionate about Security and log Management.