Hacknowledge attend the ElasticON 2022 and the onsite Elastic Engineer Training in Amsterdam

To conclude this relentless November month, Hacknowledge got the chance to dedicate a full week to Elastic. The Elastic convention, also known as ElasticON, was the first physical event since the Covid 19. Elastic users got the chance to discover on which direction the Elastic teams are planning to go, and we must admit that it will also fulfill Hacknowledge objectives for 2023.

To be a bit more specific, the new language to come, called ESQL (standing for Elasticsearch Query Language), will have the ambitious goal to unify Elastic worlds such as Observability or Security. It should allow the user to perform more complex queries, based on joins and projections. For more details, please consult the recent released post: Introduction to ESQL — A new query language for flexible, iterative analytics

The Security aspect also stands as an Elastic priority. The Unified Agent, mixing XDR capabilities and embedded logs forwarders, is a great challenge, and will allow security specialists to dedicate their time on what really matters.

The stateless architecture announce may revolutionize the daily Elasticsearch usage, however many upcoming blogposts about this topic will follow the ElasticON as it will bring into play certain Elasticsearch fundamental concepts.

Until the next news, please find the 2022 Elastic Global Threat Report here: 2022 Elastic Global Threat Report Announcement, which provides many interesting details and facts about the ongoing year and its attack surfaces.

Last but not least, Hacknowledge got the chance to attend an onsite technical training on the Elasticsearch product. We got lucky to send both Infrastructure and Security engineers in Amsterdam, so we could confirm and enhance the current Elasticsearch use we put in place at Hacknowledge.

We gladly thank Elastic for these moments. These events were good opportunities to transform questions and doubts into objectives for the coming year.

Elastic Conf 22
Elastic Conf 22 Amsterdam


Posted by Romain Petro