Microsoft Defender for Endpoint P1 and P2 options

Microsoft recently announced the upcoming availability of Microsoft Defender for Endpoint P1 and P2 options. Those options are replacing the full version, available as a standalone SKU or bundled in E5 licenses.

Although not complete and not offering the hunting capabilities of the P2 license, the P1 one, included for all E3 customers is a great addition for your defensive capabilities, including: next-gen AV, attack surface reduction rules, web control, among others.

Hacknowledge is a Microsoft partner with engineers certified for Azure and M365 security and can help you plan and deploy successfully MDE P1 to fully use its features. As a managed service, alerts from MDE will then be triaged by our security analysts in our Vision, Azure Sentinel or Splunk offerings. Should you have a P2 license, Hacknowledge can also leverage custom alerting and hunting rules to better detect threats.