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EDR/AV Bypass [Part 1] : The Automated Payload Obfuscator “Pinguino”

Obfuscation is crucial for malware to evade detection by security tools, prolonging its undetected operation. Top obfuscation techniques include code encryption, polymorphism, metamorphism, dynamic API resolution, and anti-debugging mechanisms. Code obfuscation, such as variable renaming and insertion of meaningless code, adds complexity to hinder analysis. These techniques collectively aim to disguise the true nature of …

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Hacknowledge attend DEFCON 31 in Las Vegas

Las Vegas – a city known for its dazzling lights, vibrant entertainment, and now, an annual pilgrimage for cybersecurity enthusiasts from around the world. DEFCON, the world’s largest and one of the most renowned hacker conferences, recently unfolded and Hacknowledge had the opportunity to send two engineers to the event, giving them the chance to delve into the latest trends, innovations, and challenges of the cybersecurity landscape. Our engineers were then obviously thrilled to be a part of this gathering, where knowledge sharing, and hands-on experience take center stage.

Purple Teaming

In the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity, organizations are continuously seeking ways to enhance their defenses against sophisticated threats. Traditional approaches like Red Teaming and Blue Teaming have played crucial roles in identifying vulnerabilities and responding to attacks. However, the Purple Teaming approach has emerged as a powerful methodology that bridges the gap between offensive and …

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What a week for the Analytics Team @Hacknowledge! (and it was only Wednesday)

The team was invited to the Splunk Partner Tech Day in Splunk’s premises in Zurich where amazing tech talks were given by @Alex Piger and others: Multi-Instance Design best practices (Architecture Blueprint, Automation, Search Options) GDI Update: Ingest Actions, Data Manager, Edge Processor Splunk Operator 4 Kubernetes Differences Splunk Cloud <<>> Splunk Enterprise (we also made …

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Splunk Cloud: A (Hopefully) Comprehensive and Technical Review

Or What Splunk Cloud teaches us about managing an on-premises infrastructure? Disclaimer These are key points on the difference and benefits/drawbacks from its author’s perspective and this do not reflect the opinion of Hacknowledge nor the Analytics team of Hacknowledge. This article highlights points that are important considering its author and does not target to …

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